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AS 9100 & ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of standard & custom electronic enclosures, instrument knobs, tin containers, precision deep drawn metal parts & enclosure accessories.Markets served include aerospace, automotive, industrial, military, petroleum, power supplies, OEM, scientific, telecommunications & transportation


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Products & Services

  1. Standard Off-the-Shelf and Custom Electronic enclosures:

    o Sheet metal, Extruded Aluminum & Plastic enclosures.

            - Enclosure modifications are provided to your specifications

  1. Knobs for Instrumentation (Standard and Imperial)

  2. Deep Draw Technology  to build mission-critical products and/or parts that uses:

    o Al

    o Cu

    o Brass

    o Mild (Cold Rolled) Steel

    o Precious Metals and other Ductile metals

  1. Novelty cans – seamless for special container applications

  2. Other products such as canisters, film containers, flanged/separator plugs, cylindrical metal parts, blanks, air tank liners & breathing tanks are also available